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Before you purchase your tobacco seeds, check with your state laws concerning the proper regulations of planting tobacco and how much you can plant as a home grower.

Once you purchased your seeds, depending on your location and climate, you want to start planting your seeds indoors to get a good start on your tobacco adventure!

Tobacco Seedlings
The depth of the seeds should be approximately one and a half the depth of the seed, or you may want to take a pinch of the seeds between your fingers, and sprinkle the top of your soil with the seeds, then tap gently over the soil with your fingers to ensure good setting of the seeds. (optional)

small tobacco plants

Before sprinkling the seeds on top of the soil, I usually pre-moisten the soil with a water sprayer lightly, this helps the seeds set better to begin the germination process.
You must keep your seeds in a warm enviroment with a temperature between 70 and 80 degrees in order for the seeds to germinate. I usually cover them with saran wrap to help keep them warm.
If you notice any white mold developing on your soil within your planting box, take off the plastic wrap that is covering your planting box, and leave off for a day or two until the mold disappears, then you may recover the box with plastic again.
The seeds usually germinate between 4 days and 9 days. Or sometimes a little longer, depending on various conditions.
Once the seeds germinate, give them lots of light, I used 4 foot florescent bulbs to keep them in light 24/7 for a good two months, then reduced the light to half the time, only during the day. Or you can place the tobacco box next to a window for natural sun light, which is better!


Once the plants reach about 1-2 inches tall, I would transplant them into styrofoam cups. I would gently dig up the plants using a spoon and gently take the small bunches apart to individually plant them one to a cup.

The roots will be somewhat tangled when you transplant them from the plant box to the cups, so be careful!
Make sure to punch holes into the bottom of your cups to allow the water to be drawn in. once you placed all the cups in a large tray, all you do is pour water into one side of the tray, and when the tray displaces the water evenly throughout the entire tray, the cups with the holes in the bottom with automatically draw in the water from the tray, or water themselves! Like magic! This will save you lots of time, no need to water each and every cup every week. Just fill the tray once a week or when the plants are dry, and watch them drink on their own.

Transplanted tobacco seedlings

By the time the plants are ready for transplanting to the outdoors, your plants should be approx. 6 inches tall. I put them outside in June. I am from Wisconsin. Make sure the winter chill is gone otherwise the plants will go into shock from the chill and die.
Plant the plants 2 feet apart, and the rows 3 feet apart, to allow for tilling. Water when needed. And make sure to plant them in an area where the sun will be seen all day. Tobacco grows taller and bigger when they have sun all day. Shaded plants do not grow as big.

field  of tobacco plants little tobacco plant
more small tobacco plants rows of tobacco plants



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